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  1. At a conservative minimum, Take Your Dream is anticipated to make $1,328,000 total revenue worldwide.

  2. Final Production costs for the film are estimated at $50,000

  3. Investors are paid back their initial investment prior to Net Profits.

  4. Anticipated Net profit after exhibitor and distributor share would be $431,600.

  5. Net Profit is split between the producers and investors equally.

  6. Film profits are generally paid out over a period of 3 years.

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What people are saying about Take Your Dream...

“Take Your Dream” inspires on many levels. But, most of all, it shows you the power of a dream when it comes to fruition.

Larry Ragland

Pastor, Solid Rock Church

Author, I See Greatness In You

"Take Your Dream" is encouraging, refreshing, revitalizing. I am not a swimmer, but I am a father, a dreamer,  and a follower of God.  Take Your Dream spoke deeply to me - encouraging my faith and pursuit of my God-given dreams.

Joseph Graber

Pastor, Living Water Fellowship

Producer, Crown Thorn Project

A story worth telling and lives worth transforming.

Robin DeGrosbois

Guest, Private Screening

Having lost a son through Suicide , it was very moving.

Juliet Hart

Guest, Private Screening

Not only an exceptional physical effort, it is also a very human, touching story with a beautiful romantic element.  Fantastic movie!

Caroline Varendorff

Guest, Private Screening