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Takoda Shane

Brittany Charboneau

Hunter James

Diggs Brown

E W Helmick

Terry Helmick

Cydney Helmick

Hawley Penfold

Marc Greenacre

Kyle Bradell

Carie Milard

Stefanie Townsend

Francisco Martinez

Canyon James

Heather Spillman

Megan Tudor

Jennaleigh Turvey

Laura Ronalds

Rebekah Smith

What people are saying about Take Your Dream...

“Take Your Dream” inspires on many levels. But, most of all, it shows you the power of a dream when it comes to fruition.

Larry Ragland

Pastor, Solid Rock Church

Author, I See Greatness In You

"Take Your Dream" is encouraging, refreshing, revitalizing. I am not a swimmer, but I am a father, a dreamer,  and a follower of God.  Take Your Dream spoke deeply to me - encouraging my faith and pursuit of my God-given dreams.

Joseph Graber

Pastor, Living Water Fellowship

Producer, Crown Thorn Project

A story worth telling and lives worth transforming.

Robin DeGrosbois

Guest, Private Screening

Having lost a son through Suicide , it was very moving.

Juliet Hart

Guest, Private Screening

Not only an exceptional physical effort, it is also a very human, touching story with a beautiful romantic element.  Fantastic movie!

Caroline Varendorff

Guest, Private Screening